Finding the home of your dreams is important, but we all know our dog’s happiness is imperative as well! Here are a few quick things to consider when purchasing a home with your furry roommate.

How does the yard look?

A well-exercised dog is normally a well-behaved dog! Make sure you have enough space to let your dog burn some energy and have a little fun. Smaller dogs don’t require as much space to roam as larger dogs, but they love to play outside too. If you are considering condos or townhomes, ask your agent to show you pet friendly properties that have dog runs on-site.

What flooring materials are used throughout the house?

Maybe your dog isn’t fond of the yard and loves to run around inside. Making sure your home has suitable flooring for pets can help reduce wear and tear. Sealed concrete, tile, and laminate flooring are very durable options. Hardwood scratches easily but you can reduce the potential for damage by keeping nails cut and filed. Carpet will require the most upkeep so be prepared to vaccum!

Where is the closest dog park?

Even if your dog has the yard of their dreams, nothing beats going to the park for some social time. Research dog parks in your new area to find a place for your dog to chill with some new friends. Dog parks within walking distance make for a nice quick outing for you and your pup!

Where is the closest Veterinarian?  

Making sure you know where the closest 24hr emergency vet clinic can save your pet during a crisis. Researching primary and emergency care locations for your dog before you move into your new home is a must. Your current Veterinarian may be able to refer you to a great doctor in your new area!

Where are the closest pet stores?

Who’s a good dog? Your dog of course! Check out local pet shops in your new area so you can reward your dog for their patience during the move. Moving is stressful for animals too, so make sure to give them treats, toys, and lots of attention to help them settle in to their new environment!

After moving into your new home, there are endless ways to customize it to fit your pet’s needs. Show your dogs the unconditional love they show you and make sure they get to live in their dream home!