We have all spent time on various real estate websites looking at houses in our neighborhood. Looking at houses online can be entertaining, but it doesn’t compare to walking through a home and seeing it with your own eyes. If you are not currently looking to buy or sell, consider what information you could gather by turning Open House visits into a hobby!

Regardless of whether you plan to buy in the near future, there are lots of benefits to visiting an Open House. If a particular neighborhood is interesting to you, go check it out! You can get a feel for the area and browsing will help you get to know your potential neighbors. Learning what the market has to offer will let you know what to expect when you decide to buy a home. When the time is right, you can purchase with confidence knowing that your new home is the best of the bunch!

If you currently own your home and are not considering a move, there is still fun for you at an Open House! Get out in your neighborhood and see what people have done with their spaces. You can compare your updates and improvements to your neighbors to see how your house measures up against the competition. In the future when you sell, you will have an idea how your home ranks among similar homes in the area. You will also get to know the agents working in your area. When it comes time to move, you can pick the best agent to sell your home.

So, get out there. Look at some cool houses, eat the snacks, ask questions, and have fun!